Tei-Fu Oil - 5 ml

Tei-Fu Oil - 5 ml

Nature's Sunshine

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Relieves sinus congestion (when applied at the opening of the nostrils).
Soothes aching muscles and stiff joints.
Relieves pain and inflammation.
Helps relieve motion sickness.
Helps heal cuts and insect bites.
Helps relieve toothache.
May help to increase alertness during long-distance driving or late-night work shifts.
Relieves headaches (when applied on temples) and sore throat (when applied externally on throat area or tip of the tongue).

How It Works

This is the same secret formula as Tei Fu Massage Lotion only in a oil form. Tei Fu oils can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially where the refreshing, invigorating properties of essential oils are desired.


Safflower oil, menthol, wintergreen oil, camphor, and other essential oils.

Recommended Use

One to four drops. Avoid eye contact


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