Body Brush - Long Handle

Body Brush - Long Handle

Bernard Jensen

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**This Brush should never get wet.**

This Skin Brush with Natural Tampico fiber comes with a detachable long handle for those hard to reach spots. Handle and brush head are made from domestic beechwood. The brush is not sealed and is intended to be used dry.


Whether you have a face brush or a skin brush it is important to clean them. On a weekly basis, you can take them outside or hold them over a waste paper basket and brush through them with a toothbrush or even a hair brush that you designate only for this purpose. Every one to three months, wash the brushes with warm water and a gentle, natural soap such as castile. Rinse well and then place them outdoors in the fresh air to dry. If you live in really cold climates were the weather gets below freezing in the winter, place them on a table or counter top to dry.


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