Nobile Diffuser - Reckeweg

Nobile Diffuser - Reckeweg


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The Nobilé allows dry and cold diffusion of essential oils, which will leave a good smell and benefit from their therapeutic properties.


Nobilé is a silent and easy to use essential oil diffuser. It is connected to the mains and diffuses pure essential oils (without water) in the form of micro particles, not heating them. This discreet and elegant device makes it possible to perfume the air in 10 to 100 m2 rooms. You can adjust its intensity thanks to the power variator, in order to create a soft, comforting atmosphere or a sanitized atmosphere according to your needs. Simple and elegant, it will fit just right with any interior.

Other characteristics of the Nobilé:

  • Durable rubberwood and hand-blown glass appliance
  • LED mood light
  • Discreet foam support

Here are also some aromatherapy tips to take full advantage of Nobilé. To clean the air and facilitate breathing, aromatherapists trust eucalyptus, pine and spruce essential oils, but also ravintsara or saro. To bring calm and relaxation, true lavender, bitter orange, sweet orange and tangerine essential oils are recommended. In the event of hospitalization, convalescence or a difficult period, essential oils diffusion provides beneficial support. Nard, neroli, frankincense and citrus essences essential oils are particularly suitable.

To avoid having to use complicated mixtures or imprecise dosages, Pranarom offers 7 aromatic synergies made up of 100% essential oils ready to use and suitable for Nobilé:

  • Citronnel'Plus
  • Citrus
  • Eucaly'Plus
  • Imm'Plus
  • Meditation
  • Provence
  • Zen

Directions for Use

Firstly, just plug the appliance plug into the mains. In a second step, you must open the cap and place a few drops of essential oils (between 10 and 20) in the glassware while closing the cap. Thirdly, you can adjust the intensity of the diffusion. The cycle goes as follows: run 2 minutes, stop 1 minute. The diffusion stops automatically after 2 hours.

More information

  1. Dimensions: 90 x 230 mm


  • Sherbrooke: 1
  • Victoriaville: 1

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