Organic Cotton Cloths (20)
Organic Cotton Cloths (20)Organic Cotton Cloths (20)

Organic Cotton Cloths (20)

Oko Creations

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A must-have for a zero waste home!


Ideal for sticky hands, sloberry faces, reusable toilet paper and all those diaper changes!
Ultra-soft, organic cotton Öko-wipes are a must-have at home and on the go! Thin enough to reach where we need it most, you can say goodbye to disposable wipes for good.
Say goodbye to toilet paper and disposable wipes! Finally!

Directions for use (with a bidet)

  1. Go to the toilet;
  2. Rinse with the bidet;
  3. Wipe off the water with an Öko-wipe;
  4. Put the wipe in your laundry basket (reserve a basket beside your toilet only for this
  5. It's that simple!

Care Instructions

This thin terry knit is woven in Montreal, is of superior quality and will not loose shape when laundered.

Do not wash wipes with products containing hook and loop fasteners (velcro).

Further Information

  • Size: 22 x 22 cm (9 x 9 inches).
  • Weight : 0.07 Kg.
  • Colour: natural, undyed, colored trims.
  • Composition: 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester.
  • Packaging: 100% FSC certified paper, no plastic!
  • Made in Quebec, Canada.


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