Deodorant - Green tea/ Perry - 78g

Deodorant - Green tea/ Perry - 78g


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This tube deodorant has been made by hand with natural ingredients. It is available in 78g format, and is available in several flavors.

Wait until your Kali deodorant is at room temperature before using it. Go slowly! If there is resistance, do not force the mechanism. Warm it with your hands before trying again.

For optimal application, place the deodorant under the armpit, and wait a few seconds for the texture to be creamier. Apply a single layer so as not to irritate the armpits (redness). *

The deodorant can be kept for 1 year.
Once opened, 6 months.

* If you are currently using antiperspirant, you may be eligible for a small adjustment period. A little more sweat for a few days, and everything will return to normal. If there is redness, alternate with your old deodorant or try the 1/2 baking soda version for sensitive skin or without bicarbonate.

I know you're always looking forward to using your new Kali deodorant ... but!
To prevent the caster from spinning in a vacuum, please do not force the mechanism if it has resistance.
The chilly weather is upon us, your deodorant will arrive cold at home. Warm it with your hands so you do not break anything, be patient!


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