Solid Shampoo - Amla - 85g - (Prevents hair loss)

Solid Shampoo - Amla - 85g - (Prevents hair loss)

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The solid shampoo is ecological and natural, practical, and effective, and is transported well and without mess.
The solid shampoo has Amla rich in vitamin C, and helps prevent hair loss.

Rich in Amla powder (vitamin C, and stimulates their hair growth), in white clay that cleans while giving a silky touch to the hair, and in apple cider vinegar that will help tired hair to find shine and energy thanks its high content of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sugar acids. Also composed of sweet orange essential oil known for its balancing virtues and essential oil of geranium, purifying and sanitizing. Your hair will be fortified, shiny and easy to comb and will find all their outfit.
It is also very convenient to take with you on a trip.
Fresh and soothing perfume.

100% natural shampoo. Shines and strengthens hair, normal hairy hair.
How to use: Rub your shampoo gently on wet hair to make it foam, massage your hair as with a classic shampoo and rinse. A purifying and detoxifying treatment


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