Solid Shampoo - Balsam Fir - 90g - (Greasy hair)

Solid Shampoo - Balsam Fir - 90g - (Greasy hair)

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A shampoo for oily, dull and devitalized hair

The solid shampoo is ecological and natural, practical and effective, and transports well and without mess. Nettle Solid Shampoo is recommended for oily hair. Rich in green clay which is very absorbent and detoxifying and cleanses deeply, also rich in white clay which cleanses while giving a silky touch to the hair. Also composed of nettle Invigorating and stimulating action Vitamins C, B and E give nettle an antioxidant power, and exert on the hair a toning action. It strengthens the hard keratin, the essential protein of the hair. The action of vitamin PP strengthens the blood vessels and helps their healing, if they are damaged, which will stimulate oxygenation of the scalp. By the presence of many minerals, hair that has lost its shine will be remineralized, and therefore strengthened. They will be less brittle and will regain their natural shine. Regulatory action Sulfur will help regulate the sebaceous glands, reducing sebum secretions, and slowing the onset of dandruff. and apple cider vinegar which will help tired hair regain shine and energy thanks to its high content of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sugar acids, and ylang-ylang essential oil, this oil with a powerful and voluptuous exotic scent is known for its tonic, regulating and regenerating effects, as well as the essential oil of field mint known for its refreshing side. Your hair will be fortified and easy to comb and will regain its full hold. This solid shampoo is also very practical and ideal to take with you when traveling. With a fresh and exotic scent. 100% natural shampoo. Oily scalp.


Gently rub your solid shampoo on wet hair in order to make it foam, massage your hair as with a classic shampoo then rinse. A purifying and detoxifying treatment




sodium cocoyl isethionate (mild surfactant derived from fatty acids in coconut oil), coconut betaine (it is a natural surfactant derived from coconut, mild and non-polluting), apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar), oriza sativa (rice powder) (rice powder), kaolin (white clay), olea europaea butter (olive butter), urtica dioica leaf powder (stinging nettle powder), brassica nigra (mustard seed oil) (oil mustard seed), methylsulffonylmethane MMS (mineral and renewable sulfur), mentha spicata L (mint essential oil) (spearmint essential oil), cananga odorate (ylang ylan essential oil) (ylang ylang essential oil), mapple syrup (maple syrup for silky soft hair).


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