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Green Panties Magnet

Baloubab - Green Panties Magnet


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Put a touch of color on your fridge, filing cabinet or magnetic board. These magnets are all entirely handmade.

The trees are burned on land in St-Sylvère. They are cut in circles in our garage. Subsequently, these logs are dried in my microwave, sanded in the garage, painted on a corner of the kitchen table (between a brew of soup and a change of diaper!), And finally varnish in my workshop in Princeville.

A little magnetic decoration that will please the little ones thanks to the bright colors and their playful side, and to the biggest in the heart of children!

Medium: 1 inch ¾ @ 2 inches ½ in diameter

As they are craft projects, each is unique. I try to recreate as faithfully as possible the model that has presented to you on my shop, but it will never be 100% identical (format, color, shape ... everything can be slightly different)


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