Spray Push bugs - Symbiose Herboristerie

Spray Push bugs - Symbiose Herboristerie

Symbiose Herboristerie

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The spray to have camping, wood, evenings around the fire ....

Made of a mixture of hydrosols and a synergy designed specifically to repel mosquitoes and ticks.

A pouch pouch directly on us and on our clothes (do not apply on the skin of children ... prioritize clothing and hat) we re-apply if necessary (since they are 100% natural products, it is important to specify that we must re-apply more often than another major brand).

Main ingredients:

Hydrolates of lemongrass and geranium.

Essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender and cedar.

Alcohol (low percentage, so much less drying than the majority)
*** Also available in a version without alcohol, made with a dispersant of essential oils without danger ..

Offered in a 125 ml bottle with spray cap.

----) Caution :

Do not allow children to wear hands.

Do not leave directly in the light and in the heat.

Always have a skin test before use.

Always stir between each use


  • Sherbrooke: 14
  • Victoriaville: 13

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