Little Elfe - Grow with me hooded towel - Victorin

Little Elfe - Grow with me hooded towel - Victorin

Oko Creations

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Here is the sublime evolutionary towel Little Elf which will grow wonderfully with your children!


It's impossible not to fall in love with the children who wear it with their magical "look" of little beneficent forest spirits! Perfect for outdoor days on the edge of a river, a swimming pool or for a swim. Your little elves will be able to bundle up inside comfortably by sliding their hands into the small pockets located at the 2 upper ends.

Thanks to its versatility, its durability and its use over a long period of time, this product becomes a must in your efforts to help our beautiful blue planet! Your little ones will one day thank you for your choices and ecological lessons and zero waste.

Care Instruction

Machine wash in cold water, with light colors. Spread to dry.

Further information

  1. Dimensions: width 112 cm (44 '') X length 66 cm (26 '')
  2. One size: 0 to 5 years
  3. Composition: 100% organic cotton
  4. Model: Nomad
  5. Made in Quebec
  6. Pattern drawn by PEAKBWA


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