Ultrasonic nebulizer - Mandala - Black paint iron

Ultrasonic nebulizer - Mandala - Black paint iron


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Incredible design, at an incredible price!

You can never get tired of the great look and sober aspect of this original mandala-style nebulizer. USES With this principle of cold diffusion on water, we have discovered the great interest of hydrosols as a support. It becomes possible to combine every shade of the aromatic plant’s palette. Ultrasonic nebulizers offer a whole new potential of aromatic creation. You can create a synergy of hydrosols and essential oils to find the plant’s total aroma.

Furthermore, ultrasonic nebulizers don’t burn essential oils, as do so many diffusers. So you can benefit from all of their therapeutic properties. Please feel free to improvise with associations between oils and hydrosols of different plants. So many recipes characterized by a new mildness remain to explore. Balsam Fir hydrosol is compatible with every essential oil! It is happily matched with everything you feel like diffusing to add a gentle touch for your respiratory ways.

Here are usual diffusion mix proportions: 3⁄4 to 1 cup of water with 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup of hydrosol with 15 drops of essential oil(s).

It is recommended that you use filtered or distilled water as a base. For clean up, DON’T immerse device. Pour a mix of water and vinegar (50-50) into the tank and let stand for a couple hours. Remove residues.


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