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Shea Butter -

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Shea butter is a miraculous commodity that should be found in every personal medicine cabinet.

It is known to soften, moisturize, protect and replenish the skin while speeding up its natural healing process. It also fights against the negative effects of aging and sun exposure, and is used to relieve sprains and colds.
It easily replaces the famous calamine lotion that we apply on chicken pox blisters and does wonders on cracked feet, diaper rash, and those annoying small dry patches. It nourishes dry and damaged hair, leaving them soft and manageablealso and makes a great lip balm component.


  • 100% Fair Trade Shea Butter (imported from Mali).

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  • Available in the Zero Waste collection, in 125, 250 or 500ml Mason jars. Save money with these large sizes, which are reusable and returnable


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