Is Le Capucin only for kids?

No! We have studied and earned degrees in naturotherapy to treat people of all ages! We are specialized in children’s health but we take care of their parents’ as well as their grandparents’ symptoms! A wide range of natural products for adults are offered in our boutiques.


Do I need to know exactly what my child has or have a doctor’s diagnosis before ordering products?

Our work is based on the symptoms themselves. Therefore, if your child has an earache, whether otitis is diagnosed by a doctor or not, we’ll suggest a homeopathic formula to relieve the ears anyway. Same for fever. Whatever the origin of the fever is, the product will help your child to eliminate it for good. However, it is obvious that a doctor’s appointment should be scheduled if symptoms persist for more than 3 days.


How do we administer homeopathic products?

It is important to give the homeopathic formulas at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking (except water). If you forget, you can give them one hour after eating. It is also important to keep the drops under the tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing. For babies, we recommend giving the drops with the pacifier! For older children, the “fat cheeks” game is very popular (cheek swelling, alternating one than the other…) but watch out for laughter!


Is it true that we cannot administer homeopathic products in a metal spoon?

Yes. It is preferable to administer the homeopathic drops in a plastic spoon filled with water. Metal ustensils are not recommended due to the fragility of homeopathic remedies which can take on certain properties of the metal. Moreover, children and adults with digestive issues should always take homeopathy with water.