Prevent at fall, be on fire for winter

Formerly, to prevent disease, taking vitamins was the solution and the first reaction of parents. This method was effective because at that time we ate food grown and raised on the farm, we took fresh air and the stress level was lower. Nowadays, the fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides like never before, meats are loaded with hormones and additives, children do not play outdoors as often and stress level is at its highest ever. The food industry tries to make us believe that there is a multitude of nutrients in their products such as calcium, probiotics, iron, etc. With common sense, you realize that the liver has had enough of all these additions, all these pesticides, dyes, preservatives and food additives. How can we be healthy with all these components that the body does not recognize and that weaken it?

The sale of vitamins and minerals is a HUGE market that generates millions and billions of dollars on the planet but do we, here in Quebec, really need this to be healthy? Not really! We realize over the years that children and the most healthy families are those who clean their liver and eradicate free radicals. We hear several times a day people say that since they take the Zambroza, the baby did not get sick, the elder did not do any asthma crisis and they have not needed to go see the doctor for months… Since they drink chlorophyll, he did not suffer of tonsillitis and that his wife is no longer constipated… That since they use the He Tiao Pak cure in the fall, they no longer have sinusitis or bronchitis. And counting! We must spend a day at Le Capucin to hear all these comments from people who take “cleansing” products and are not sick anymore!

We are in the era of removing from the body toxins and free radicals that could make us sick. This is the key to being healthy! Here is my vision:

1- Remove the toxins and chemicals that accumulate in the liver and ensure proper digestion, and eliminate them by doing a cleanse. It also applies to children! The Hepa-Relief of Capucin is a good liver drainer, which reduces the incidence of mucus, which improves the condition of the skin and helps children to better eliminate toxins.

2- Stopping free radicals that are responsible for many diseases such as hypertension, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, stress, sinusitis, etc. The Zambroza is definitely the most effective product that we have found to do so.

3- Give the body the tools to properly defend itself! The quality probiotics (not those found in yogurt!) Have a great impact on your health! A capsule of Bifido Flora Force equals 4 large yogurt containers so it’s up to you! 😉

4. Eat three good meals a day! It is not the quantity but the quality that counts! Your family deserves the best, so stop browning, frying, sweetening and buying refined foods! We can live without that (and even longer!).

5. Drink water! 15 ml per pound weighing is the amount you should drink per day! Do the math and drink it! You will be surprised to find that you get better just by drinking water!

Vitamins? Yes if you do all the above, because you will then be able to assimilate them! Otherwise, one step at a time! Health is a choice!

The ABCs of health for Le Capucin?

A: We clean our liver and that of the children for at least one month (ideally from mid-September).

B: We ensure a good digestion and proper elimination by drinking chlorophyll and taking quality probiotics!

C: We supplement with quality vitamins and feed our immune system (Thymus for children and IMM-C for adults).

We recommend that you start your lever cleansing before autumn. You have no idea how much the body needs it, and it will reward you well!

Marilène Perreault, n.d.

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