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Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible
Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible

Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible

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The stretchy wrap is perfect for your baby's first few months. Read more..

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Product description

The stretchy sling is perfect for your baby's first few months.


Soft and versatile, the Stretch Wrap is perfect for your baby's first months.
It allows a natural wrap and an even distribution on the whole body of the wearer. The elasticity of the fabric allows the baby to be very comfortable and to move freely. Made of high density cotton knit, it allows a good stability compared to a simple jersey. It is convenient for quick transitions, as its flexibility helps to easily remove the baby without unraveling it. The stretchy wrap gives the realistic impression of wearing your baby in your sweater.

Directions for Use

Although possible, single knots that support the baby with a single layer of fabric and knots on the back are not recommended. We recommend that you use a stretchy wrap primarily for front or hip carrying with cross wrap techniques.

We recommend that you limit carrying on the same shoulder and change sides frequently to take the strain off your back. If you choose a cradle position, it should be performed with care as it can increase the risk of suffocation of the baby. Always keep the baby's face visible. If you opt for the face-up position with the legs tucked in, this requires more care, as the baby may be at greater risk of tipping forward.

Belly to belly:

From birth

The belly-to-belly carry, where the baby is in a crouched position, is the most appropriate carrying position for a newborn until at least 4 months. The back should be nicely rounded like in mom's belly, the knees well up and the feet down. You can practice the skin-to-skin technique with a baby of 8 lbs and more, easily and safely. This position provides the comfort needed to develop a sense of emotional security. The squatting position is known for its benefits to the development of the baby's bones and joints. Before 6 months of age, it is important to avoid applying tension to the middle of the back. There are several tying techniques you can perform to perfectly wrap and support your baby in the ideal position for his or her developmental stage.

6 months and older

By the time your baby is 6 months old and sitting up, his or her spine is strong enough that he or she no longer needs constant support in the back. When the baby feels stuck, wants to move or is hot, you can let him/her out of the arms. Simple and easy to do for beginners, we favor the wrapped cross knot. However, knots like the kangaroo knot support a newborn's rounded spine perfectly. Check out the videos to see all the options.

On the hip:

From 4 months of age

As soon as your baby has a good head hold, you can start carrying him on your hip. This is an intermediate position that gives the parent a little more freedom of movement than the stomach position. Remember that without a sling, we naturally carry the baby with one arm on the hip. When your baby is able to sit on the floor without support, you can let his arms out over the straps. Unlike the woven wrap, the stretchy wrap does not support the baby as well. You must therefore keep one hand available if he is very agitated so that the fabric does not slide down and does not support his back enough to keep him close to you. You should use the cross wrap technique on the hip and pull it tight.

Face towards the world:

From 4 months of age

This carry requires your baby to hold his head on his own. However, this position is not optimal because it is less ergonomic than a belly-to-belly carry and causes a lot of stimulation for the baby. If you choose this position, make sure to limit the time to a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the blood flow in the baby's legs. Observe the color of the skin, which should be pink and not bluish. A cold foot is also a sign of poor circulation. Also make sure that the back is not too flat or rounded with a bad reverse lumbar curve. Finally, don't let the legs hang too low. Tilt the pelvis forward as much as possible to bring the knees up as much as possible and deepen the sitting position. There are 2 ways to perform the face-up position: with the legs folded in or out on each side. The wrapped cross will allow you to perform this position safely.



From birth

The cradle or Madonna position is favorable to breastfeeding, but it is a position that should be performed with care. You must always be vigilant and make sure that the baby is breathing well and not suffocating. The face should always be visible and you should see enough space between his chin and his chest to slip 2 fingers in. His neck should not be too bent. Although some people do not recommend this position, we recommend that you only do it while the baby is actively feeding and that you return him to the upright position as soon as he falls asleep to help his breathing and digestion. Breastfeeding with your hands free is still something special!

Care Instructions

It is very important to wash the slings before the first use. Since they are handmade, the fabric has been handled and transported in many places. Also, a first wash helps to strengthen the fibers that are not yet well attached. We recommend hand washing in warm water with a mild soap, preferably without rinsing. Hang to dry and do not iron. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve color and direct heat sources.

Further Information

  • From birth to toddler (8 to 30 lbs - 3 to 15 kg).
  • Fits all sizes of babies and carriers.
  • 4 carrying positions according to age, level of alertness or activity.
  • Allows for a variety of simple knots to be made.
  • Wraps the baby perfectly in the desired position in complete safety.
  • Made of 100% organic cotton knit.
  • Available plain without pocket or with illustrated pocket.
  • Designed and made in Canada.


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Stretch sling | Extensible

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Review Chimparoo Stretch sling | Extensible

The stretchy wrap is perfect for your baby's first few months.

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