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Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model
Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model
Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model
Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model
Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model

Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model

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Back to disposable sanitary napkins? Never again! Read more..

  • Our expertise is just a phone call away 1-877-752-8880

  • Free delivery with $ 100 purchase and over

  • Capucin 3% Rewards Program

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Product description

Back to disposable sanitary napkins? Never again!


The Öko-mini is our lightest pantiliner model. It offers a light protection for thin discharge during or between periods or for extra protection when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. The pad is thin and discreet, and its presence is barely felt.

The fabric in contact with the skin is made of organic cotton specially knitted to absorb liquid quickly. It's available in natural (ideal if you're sensitive) or dyed (perfect for covering up stains). The center is made of absorbent and naturally antibacterial hemp.

Like conventional pads, a pair of wings with very thin snaps secure the pad to the panty and the design helps prevent it from slipping back.

The inspiration behind the designs

The Chasse-Galerie is a legend that has stood the test of time! Since we love to tell traditional tales by reversing the sexes, we drew women in the flying canoe. These isolated lumberjack women in the forest have sealed a pact with the devil in order to spend New Year's Eve with their loved ones.  A trip in a flying canoe to their village!

Inspired by the never-ending chase between the sun and the moon. Dotted with shooting stars and traveling birds in vibrant Japanese anime style and colors.

Inspired by the tumultuous waters of life and the hope of having good fortune as fellow travelers. Lucky pattern: Luck, Success, Prosperity, Longevity, Courage, Ambition and Perseverance.

Inspired by the apple trees in bloom at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Symbolizing the arrival of spring with its promise of renewal and intoxicating fragrances.

Care Instructions

You don't need a ritual in the middle of a full moon to take care of our reusable towels and pantiliners. It's much easier than you think. There are several techniques, and you don't even have to scrub!

Here is our care guide describing the steps and techniques for caring for your eco-friendly washable towels. These methods and techniques have been tested and approved by the great team at Öko Creations. Our goal: to make this task easier for you!

You should know that a wide range of towel models with different colors, shapes and materials exists on the market! This guide is 100% compatible with Öko-Pads. You have a towel of another brand? No problem! Just check the information of the manufacturer of your pad first, as they are still the experts on their product.

The 3 Steps to Care for Washable Pads

There are so many ways to care for pads that you can get lost! Don't panic, it basically boils down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Manage your soiled towels;
  2. Do a stain removal treatment (optional);
  3. Laundry day.

Step 1: Manage Soiled Pantiliners

We have better things to do than wash our soiled towels, one by one, after each use, don't we? Here are our techniques for storing them until the big wash day.

(A) The Soaking Technique

This is a popular technique to avoid stains and is recommended for the maintenance of Öko-Pads.


  1. Leave a container with soapy water, cold or warm, in the bathroom;
  2. Place the soiled pads in the container throughout your cycle;
  3. IMPORTANT - Change the water every day for a maximum of 2 days.

(B) The Lazy Technique

No time to fool around?  Stains are not a problem?


Put the soiled pads in a dry place. Example: a breathable container or bag.

(C) The Rinse Technique

No room for a bucket in the bathroom (or 5 because there are many menstruating women at home)? this technique is for you.


  1. Rinse the soiled pads with cold water to remove as much blood as possible;
  2. Let the pads air dry.

How to do it when you are not at home?

It's easy!

Use a carrying pouch: put your soiled intimate protection in it.

When you get home, proceed with your chosen technique; soak them, rinse them or set them aside until you wash them.

Step 2: Do a stain removal treatment (optional)

Why do a treatment?

  • You want to avoid or reduce stains on your pads;
  • Your pads seem to have become less absorbent over the years;
  • Your pads have a "funny" smell after washing when they become wet again;
  • Your pads are newly irritated for no particular reason.

Recommended products for this treatment:

In addition to their stain-removing properties, these products also offer a bleaching, degreasing and disinfecting action.

(A) Öko-Capsules

Specially designed for the treatment of intimate protection products! Practical pre-dosed capsules.

Available with or without fragrance for your olfactory pleasure!

(B) Sodium Percarbonate - Granular

Ecological alternative to bleach. Comes in granular form.  Measure and use!

Choice of two approved methods:

(A) Pre-Wash Treatment

  1. Rinse or soak your towels in cold water to remove excess blood;
  2. Fill a bucket with 1 liter of warm water and dissolve 2 Öko-Capsules or 6g of sodium percarbonate;
  3. Then add your reusable towels. Soak for 3 to 12 hours.

IMPORTANT - Do not reseal the container.

(B) Washing Machine Treatment*.

  1. Add detergent as you normally would;
  2. Place 3 Öko-Capsules or 9g of sodium percarbonate directly into the drum of your machine;
  3. Add your towels. Wash with warm water.

* This treatment is done at the same time as step 3 on laundry day.

Step 3: Laundry Day 

Because of the many different types of washable towels available on the market, it is always suggested to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, i.e. type of cycle (delicate, normal, etc.), water temperature (cold, warm, hot) or any other guidelines.

As for Öko-pads; they can be incorporated into a regular load of clothes, towel, etc. at cold or warm temperature. Preferably the laundry loads that will offer friction between the items and thus help for the cleaning. In other words, a small load containing only menstrual pads will not be more effective.

Well-rinsed or pre-soaked and wrung out towels (with as much blood as possible removed) should not stain your white clothes.


  • Add an extra rinse if you are very sensitive to irritation.
  • Your Öko-pads will be more absorbent after a few washes!

Tumble dry or tumble dry!

Again, follow the manufacturer's recommendations as to whether they can be tumble dried or hung up. There are also drying tapes available to dry towels in a beautiful garland to save space.

For Öko-pads, they can be machine dried (medium or low temperature) or hung up. We also offer a drying tape (also available with our duo pouch) that is compatible with our Öko-Pads.

The sun at our service 

Did you know that the sun is a good stain and bleach remover? Take advantage of sunny days to show off your washable towels on the clothesline!

Further Information

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 19.5cm
  • Composition: 70% organic cotton, 20% hemp, 10% food grade polyurethane
  • Label: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Packaging: FSC certified cardboard
  • Made in Quebec, Canada

*Some cities and municipalities offer a subsidy for the purchase of reusable menstrual products! 


  • Always check the manufacturer's instructions before washing or treating your pads.
  • Wash your Öko-Pads before using them for the first time.
  • Never use bleach or fabric softener.  These products are skin irritants and reduce the effectiveness and life span of the pads.
  • Do not use detergent with fabric softener formula included.
  • Never wash with items that have velcro closures.
  • Do not wash or dry Öko-pads at high temperatures, as this may affect the life of the waterproof membrane.
  • Do not use conventional stain removers (such as Oxyclean), as their composition and/or method of use and/or dosage are not suitable for Öko-pads.
  • Do not use Öko-Capsules or sodium percarbonate with leather, silk and wool blends.
  • Use glycerin-free soaps to avoid soiling your towels.
  • Hot water bakes stains. Once cooked, they are very difficult to remove.




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Washable Pantiliners - Öko-Minis - Choose your model

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Back to disposable sanitary napkins? Never again!

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